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Registration for the 2020 Christmas Concert will be available in September.


Information for links to use for practice:

Choral Tracks -- This is a great tool!

A link will be sent by email to members who participate in each concert.

As you look at the list of files available, I suggest that you start with "balanced voices" then move on to your own section's "predominant" track. Explore what is there and see what will work best for you.

And here is the link to the article "10 Ways to practice"

Information on Advertising, Donations & Publicity

Dear Friends,

As we begin this season with our director, Mike Sanflippo, we will resume rehearsals, conversation, and anticipation of our Christmas, Pops and Masterworks concerts.  This year we are holding a Gala to celebrate our 70th season.  Now, more than ever, we all have an opportunity to commit and assist in fundraising efforts.  The  donation/advertising form, silent auction procurement form, and poster for our concerts are now linked here for your use. Please speak with your friends, associates, etc. all during the year to encourage their financial contributions to SACC.  We will still have more surprises during the year--we can generate a lot of excitement and fun working together!

Use these each week and see what we can do by a combined effort and maybe make this a small part of your weekly SACC routine--contact just one person each week (more if you want to)!

Thank you all,

Donna Molinari
Peter Gugisberg

Please click on the links below to open and print the documents.

Monetary donations and advertising opportunities are available by printing our Donation and Advertising Form.

Encourage all your friends to support SACC with Amazon Smile by sharing this document with them.

Dress Code for All Concerts


Black skirt, long or at least ankle length (“tea length”) worn with a long-sleeved or at least ¾ length sleeve black top with a modest neckline and waistline. Or a one-piece black dress. NO  STRAIGHT  PANTS  OR  SLACKS, however, “palazzo pants” with broad, flowing legs, may be worn. No “see-through” materials, sparkles, spangles, or metallic threads.
Black shoes (athletic shoes are fine), recommend flat soled or low heeled for comfort. Black hose.
No significant jewelry (simple gold stud or pearl earrings or a small cross or pendant on a chain would be acceptable). Jewelry with excessive sparkle is very distracting when worn on stage.


Black jacket, black pants. You may wear a black tuxedo, without a cumberbund.
White long-sleeved dress shirt, but no ruffled or pleated formal shirt; no studs or cufflinks. Red bow ties will be worn for the Christmas and Pops Concerts. (NOTE: Only a limited number of red bow ties are available to borrow for those gentlemen who may need one, so if you have one, please wear it.)  Black bow ties will be worn for the Masterworks Concert. Black shoes and black socks.

General Guidelines for Singers

Please do not use ANY perfume, cologne or after-shave, during rehearsals or especially during concerts.  The combination of various conflicting scents can often affect singers who are allergic and degrade the quality of the voice.  Likewise, be very conservative in the use of hair spray, soaps or other scented products, however, the use of an unscented deodorant is highly recommended!

Also, a black folder will be required to hold your music during the concert.  Please purchase a plain black folder of your preference.

Upcoming Rehearsals/Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

PAY YOUR DUES ONLINE! (Print your receipt and bring it to rehearsal to get your music)

Payment link will be posted in November

SACC Section Leaders


Kitty Parlin


Margaret Hershey


Susan Klopfenstein


Donna Molinari


Doug Palmer